At this year’s Biomim’expo, held from 11-12 June in Paris, WildDrone was represented by WIPSEA who showcased its innovative VR dolphin experience. The Biomim’expo is the major annual gathering of actors and stakeholders in biomimicry and approaches inspired by nature to innovate and create the conditions for a renewed and sustainable development model.

Doctoral Candidate Lucie Laporte-Devylder and WIPSEA CEO Gwénaël Duclos, captivated attendees at the RespectOcean network booth, demonstrating the cutting-edge capabilities of Al-Lark NGO’s VR sets. Using drone-acquired videos, they provided an immersive experience showcasing dolphins in their natural habitat. Together with the Climate Company, Gwénaël also gave a presentation on the use of data to protect nature, highlighting the role of data-driven approaches in environmental protection.

Lucie is set to continue her efforts with fieldwork, furthering the application of drone technology in marine conservation. Read more about her project here.

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DC4 at Biomim'expo 2024.
Advertisement for Biomim'expo 2024.
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Last modified: June 17, 2024
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